Rats As Pets

Rats As Pets

Rats as pets can make lovable, loyal, smart and entertaining additions to your family.
Rats are clean, relatively easy to care for and can be a very rewarding pet. They can be trained to do tricks, and even learn how to use a litter box!

Rats as pets are great for children. Rats are known for their friendly demeanor and fun loving dispositions. Don’t be put off by their long tail and sneaky tendencies, you’ll find that these only add to the rat persona.

This site will hopefully help you in your journey toward rat ownership, and aide you in providing the correct care along the way. Happy rat adventures everyone!

Rats have been gaining in popularity as a pet in Canada for years despite the negative stigma that is inevitably connected with their name. Unfortunately, detailed information about their proper care has been slow to keep up and most pet stores in the country still point people towards products that are unsuitable or downright dangerous for rats and other small animals. Thankfully, a few books have emerged in recent years that promote correct and current information on rat care, and the Internet is playing a large role as well in helping to educate rat owners about their pets. The Internet has been a way for rat owners to share their experiences, advice and knowledge while also providing access to some trustworthy sources of well-researched information. Despite its reputation for having a sea of conflicting information, the Internet really is a great place to find the most current information on rat care. This article is intended to touch on the important aspects of caring for pet rats with information about some special considerations when owning rats in Canada.

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